A Cake Fit for a (Future) Queen: Houston Cake-Sculptor Creates a Life-Size Statue of Princess Kate and Her Royal Baby to Ship to Kensington Palace

Houston, TX””July 18-21, 2013”” Baby gifts are coming in from all over the globe for Princess Kate, but here’s one that takes the cake.

A Houston gourmet cake chef is creating a life-sized cake statue of Kate holding her royal bundle of joy.

“This is the most anticipated birth since Princess Diana had Prince William three decades ago,” explains cake designer Nadine Moon with Who Made the Cake! “They’re going to getting a ton of blankets and bibs. This is one-of-a-kind baby gift that will lord over the rest.”

The nearly six-foot-tall cake will be on display to the public this weekend at the Houston Bridal Extravaganza being held at the George R. Brown Convention Center, but then Moon plans on shipping it to Kensington Palace in London.

“In Texas we’re known for doing things big and a little over the top,” says Laurette Veres, producer of the Bridal Extravaganza. “We think brides will be standing in line waiting to pose with the Princess Kate cake.”

For the next few days, Moon will be busy in her Houston bakery, making sure that this cake is fit for a future queen.

“You can make just about anything in cake as long as it doesn’t defy the laws of physics,” explains Moon. “The icing can be molded and sculpted into any shape just like clay or wax. The key is building a stand and frame strong enough to support the heavy cake sculpture and in this blistering Texas heat, making sure it’s structurally sound is really important, otherwise we’ll have a royal mess on our hands.”

“I’m making this cake tasteful and elegant, just like Princess Kate herself,” says Moon. “The cake should stay fresh for a couple of weeks, so if the royal couple wants to hold a ”˜Sip and See’ party, it will serve 2-thousand of their closest friends.”

The media is welcome to get shots of the cake and get interviews with Nadine Moon before the show at her bakery:

Nadine Moon
Who Made the Cake!
1811 S Shepherd Drive
Houston, TX, 77019

(Bakery) 713-528-4719
(Cell) 281-217-8123

Cameras are also welcome during the Bridal Extravaganza, which runs from10am-5pm Saturday and Sunday at the George R. Brown Convention Center.

Laurette Veres
Houston Bridal Extravaganza
(Cell) 713-206-1915