Our Services

We offer a variety of services:


Red Media Group provides strategic consulting, planning and counsel to companies, non-profits and other organizations by developing new strategies to maximize the marketing budget and grow the business. As a full service agency our talented journalists, media experts, writers, editors, graphic artists, photographers and videographers produce compelling and powerful videos, brochures, billboards, web ads and all forms of digital media to give your company the creative edge.

Branding and Image Development

Red Media Group will identify what makes you unique in your industry and distinguish your brand in a crowded marketplace. We will create a positive image and raise your name ID. We will conduct a communications audit and spend time at your law firm or business, analyze your marketing, website, brochures and all forms of media and communication and develop a winning strategic plan. Red Media will deliver an innovative message to help you execute strategies and business objectives. We will build your brand by using public relations, advertising and media relations.


We are a full service media firm that writes, produces and delivers top quality spots. 
We develop winning marketing campaigns by creating strategies that integrate television, internet, social media, radio and print.

  • Media buying
  • Creative concepts and writing
  • Production of ads

Public Relations / Media Relations

We are spokespersons for organizations and handle media inquiries for clients and regularly interact with the local, state and national media on behalf of our clients.

News Conferences

We will organize news conferences for your organization and drive publicity. We have organized hundreds of news conferences across Texas and the country and delivered millions of dollars in earned media to our clients. We will also teach you the basics of how to put on an effective news conference delivering your message to the largest number of media organizations.

Speeches, Opinion pieces, Talking Points, Testimony, News Releases, Presentations, Social Media Posts, Brochures, Web Copy

Our talented team of Emmy award-winning former journalists will help you develop, write and execute powerful communications materials with our expert storytelling.


We provide full-service event planning from concept to booking speakers, to drafting run of show to production of video for event.

Media Training

Media training for executives, lawyers, doctors, professionals, political leaders and government agencies, law enforcement, electric cooperatives and others. We will teach you how to become an expert in your field.
 News organizations are always looking for professionals to talk about their expertise on camera. We will get you ready for prime time, teach you how to talk in short sound bites and dress for success.

One on One Media Interviews

We are journalists and we know how to prepare you for media interviews. We will prepare you for the questions you are likely to be asked and help write the most effective, accurate and compelling answers for you to deliver.

Public Affairs

Red Media Group educates the public, lawmakers and opinion leaders about important issues by building a credible message. An effective public affairs campaign begins with comprehensive research, builds strong relationships with stakeholders, and transforms results into key media messages to influence public opinion. Our experts provide media, legislative advocacy, strategic partnership development, grassroots coalition building and political strategy that will deliver results.

Crisis Communications

Red Media Group is here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, when a crisis breaks. We also help companies prepare crisis communications plans before a crisis breaks, which we highly recommend for any organization.

Crisis Communications Plan

Before a crisis breaks we will help you prepare a written crisis communications plan. We will teach you how to implement the plan and then get you prepared to execute the strategy.

News Release Writing

We will write your news release or statement, work with your staff to edit the news release and work with your legal team to deliver the best answer to the issue you are facing.

Consult and Field Media Inquiries

We will help you field the media calls, develop the proper statements and deliver the answers to the media in a fast and timely manner.

Media Training

We will conduct on camera media training and coaching for your CEO, executives, attorneys or media spokesperson.

Reputation Management

We will monitor media coverage and mentions of your brand in the media and online and continue to offer strategic advice through the crisis.

Video Production

As former award-winning journalists we produce engaging videos for our clients for use on their website, social media, trainings, events and fundraising. Our news background gives us the creative edge as expert storytellers with great writing and compelling story angles. We use state of the art equipment to make High Definition videos in all formats.

Specialties include:

  • Field Producing
  • Script Development
  • Script Writing
  • Research
  • Director of Photography
  • Aerial Photography with Drones
  • Lighting (studio, green screen, on-location)
  • Field Audio
  • Non-Linear Editing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Music Licensing
  • DVD Creation / Duplication
  • Video Encoding / Transcoding
  • Color Grading