Homeowners Rally at the Texas Capitol to Support Their Homeowner Associations

Austin, Texas — More than 250 homeowners, board members, business owners and other stakeholders from across the state of Texas are rallying today at the Texas Capitol to strongly support their community associations.

“We are here to speak for the vast majority of homeowners who support their HOA,” said Marta Gore, a homeowner in McKinney. “The overwhelming majority of people move into an HOA community because they want to live in a community that will protect their property values and they want the amenities that come with association living, such as water parks, swimming pools and walking trails,” said Gore.

There are nearly 5 million people living in the 25,000-30,000 community associations in the state of Texas. These associations employ thousands of workers and have an economic impact of over $3 billion dollars to the Texas economy. Thousands of volunteer board members across the state also dedicate their time and hundreds of volunteer hours working with their neighbors for the benefit of their community.

These Texans want to:
• protect the community association lifestyle,
• minimize placing additional financial burden on owners,
• promote transparency in the operation of community associations,
• facilitate owners’ participation in their community association,
• provide education to industry professionals and other stakeholders

Texas Community Association Advocates (TCAA) serves as the voice of those involved in community association living on legislative and regulatory matters and provides education on best practices throughout the state.

TCAA is supporting legislation this session that will improve condo association living. The measure will allow condo associations more flexibility to borrow money and secure a loan to protect property values and will give condo owners additional tools before facing foreclosure.

TCAA also supported the comprehensive HOA legislation that lawmakers passed last session and urged legislators to give the new laws time to make an impact before passing additional legislation.

“This session TCAA is supporting measures that will strengthen the condominium laws by allowing more flexibility for a condo association to borrow money for items such as major repairs in order to keep property values high for owners,” said Judi Phares, Chair of TCAA. “We are also developing educational materials for homeowners, board members and others about the new laws passed last session.”

TCAA’s mission is to create an environment that supports the development of well-governed, well-managed community associations.