Ugliest Bridesmaid Dress Contest to Be Held in Houston on Saturday, July 16th

Calling all brides! Chances are you have a hideous bridesmaid dress or two taking up valuable real estate in your closet —dresses that you swore would never see the light of day again.

The Houston Bridal Extravaganza wants to give you a chance to turn that mess of a dress into free gowns for your bridesmaids.
“We know that most of the brides coming to our show have been a bridesmaid before,” explains show producer Laurette Veres. “We want them to turn that Pepto-Bismol pink pinafore into some really nice prizes for all her bridesmaids.”

“Everyone who’s ever been a bridesmaid has at least one tacky taffeta dress tucked away,” jokes Taska Ventura from Ventura’s Bridal. “We’re donating dresses for up to five bridesmaids and giving brides a chance to turn that frown of a gown into something she can finally be proud of.”

The rules for brides are simple: Just bring your most monstrous bridesmaid dress to the George R. Brown Convention Center on Saturday, July 16th and take part in the “Ugliest Bridesmaid Dress Fashion Show” at noon. The winner will be chosen by applause and a certificate for up to 5 free bridesmaids dresses will be awarded on the spot.

“All we ask is that if you win, you follow the Golden Rule of ‘Do unto others’ and not try and victimize your bridesmaids with something they’ll be equally embarrassed about,” laughs Ventura. “In fact, we’re going to end the cycle of shame. We don’t sell ugly dresses!”

About the Show
This is the best weekend to meet face to face with Houston’s top wedding vendors. See in person all they have to offer, including samples of their designs, photos and video of reception locations, displays and new ideas to make your wedding special, various styles of photography, and, as we say, “everything from the garter to the getaway car” will be under one roof during the show weekend.

Over 400 companies will be showcased in 700 displays. There will be a variety of selections in the most requested categories, such as reception facilities, photographers, caterers and videographers. Best of all are the range of choices available. No matter the type or style of wedding each couple desires, from very formal to very informal, from large to small budgets, or the date they may desire, everyone will be impressed with the many options from which to select at every Bridal Extravaganza show.

George R. Brown Convention Center
Saturday, July 16th, 2011

10AM to 5PM
Sunday, July 17th, 2011
11AM to 5PM