Homeowners Descend on the Texas Capitol to Support Their HOA and Fight to Preserve, Protect and Enhance Property Values



Austin, TX –Homeowners from across the state of Texas are rallying today at the Texas Capitol to strongly support their community associations. Homeowners are marching on the Capitol to object to the portrayal of Homeowner Associations.

“We are the silent majority and we are here to speak out because we want to protect our property values,” said Marta Gore, a homeowner in McKinney. “The overwhelming majority of people pay their mortgage on time and pay their association dues on time. They move into an HOA community because they want to live there. They want their children to attend great schools and they want the amenities that come with association living, such as water parks, swimming pools and walking trails,” said Gore.

Foreclosures are rare in Texas and are only a last resort. Only 1/12 of one percent of delinquent owners face foreclosure. Despite the small number of foreclosures in Texas, Texas Community Association Advocates (TCAA), an organization with stakeholders who are involved in community associations, including homeowners and board members, is endorsing further consumer protection for homeowners.

TCAA is supporting judicial review foreclosure. This will ensure a homeowner will have their day in court and a jury or judge will decide their case before a home is foreclosed.

“TCAA supports enhanced consumer protections like judicial review foreclosure,” said Sandy Denton, Chair of TCAA. “We also support other consumer protection measures, such as payment plans for owners, open access to meetings and records and expanded voting rights. However, we must ensure that community associations function properly to the benefit of all residents and that property values are protected,” said Denton.

There are an estimated 4.8 million people living in the 25,000-30,000 community associations in the state of Texas. These associations generate assessment revenues of approximately $3.2 billion dollars annually and employ thousands of workers through various service providers across the state. Thousands of volunteer board members across the state dedicate their time to working with their neighbors for the benefit of their community.

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Sandy Denton, TCAA Chair