Wonder Bumpers Hit Retail Stores



New York- July 20, 2010– Moms looking for a safe alternative to traditional crib bumpers now have an option. Wonder Bumpers, a vertical and breathable bumper, have hit select retail markets in the United States. The move allows caregivers to make a smart, safe choice in children’s bedding. Every year, more than a hundred infants die because of dangerous crib bedding.

“I lost my first child because of SIDS and I know that bumper pads are a
real danger,” said Safety Mom, Alison Rhodes. “The soft, pillow-like
bumper pads are a definite health risk. They are not needed and are dangerous. Wonder Bumpers still provide cushion but eliminate health risks.
They are the best alternative out on the market right now.”

Wonder Bumpers are vertical bumpers that allow air to flow into the crib
and provide a safer sleep environment for babies. Unlike traditional bumpers,
Wonder Bumpers wrap around each rail. The sleek, vertical padding
protects the baby’s head and body as the baby learns to sit, stand and
crawl. Furthermore, toddlers cannot step on them to climb out of the crib,
which can lead to further endangerment.

The American Academy of Pediatrics discourages the use of traditional
bumper pads and even suggests that parents remove the pillow-like cushions, which are supposed to act as safety devices.

Researchers found 27 accidental deaths of babies who suffocated on or
under bumper pads or became entrapped from loose ties from 1985 to
2005, according to a study of product-safety data that was published in
September 2007 in the Journal of Pediatrics. (These cases represent only
the minimum number of deaths because the cases are voluntarily reported.)
“The risk is there. Traditional crib bumpers can cause dangers to babies
because of entrapment issues,” said Dave Geller, a Boston pediatrician.
“Safer bumpers are necessary and Wonder Bumpers do eliminate many of
those risks.”

National retailer, Buy Buy Baby, is now providing a safe alternative to the
traditional bumper. Wonder Bumpers are available at Buy Buy Baby, 895
East Gate Blvd, Garden City, NY 11530. Families can also purchase Wonder
Bumpers at www.wonderbumpers.com.

Interview opportunities are available with National Safety Mom, Alison
Rhodes (NY area), Dr. Dave Geller, Dr. Melinda Holliday (NY area), Wonder
Bumper creators Catherine Hall or Georgia Fiebrich and local families
that use Wonder Bumpers.

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