Texas Navy Association Volunteers Gulf Assistance

Galveston, Texas- July 12, 2010– Members of the Texas Navy Association will be asked to volunteer their services and vessels to assist Governor Rick Perry’s recently announced Gulf Project resulting from the Deepwater Horizon rig explosion.

Admiral Dick Brown, President of the Texas Navy Association, said he will ask Texas Navy members to “patrol” designated areas of the Texas coast to locate and report any signs of pollution from the Gulf disaster and undertake such other activities that the Governor or the Gulf Project may request.

Brown said the first Texas Navy was established in 1835, and Governor Price Daniel re-activated the Texas Navy in 1958 for purposes including protecting Texas boundaries and water resources and for the civil defense of Texas. Admirals in the Texas Navy Association are commissioned by the Texas Governor.

“Most of the Texas Navy Association’s activities today are devoted to preservation and educational activities regarding the early Texas Navy and participating in ceremonial events,” said Brown. However, members are pledged to protect Texas’ boundaries and water resources, and Brown is confident many will be happy to assist in this effort.

Members of the Texas Navy Association are proud of the rich history of the Texas Navy, one of Texas’ biggest hidden treasures, which played important roles in the Texas Revolution by protecting our coast from enemy ships and military forces. Texas Navy Admiral Marshall Doke of Dallas, a former President and Chairman of the Texas Historical Foundation, said that the history of the Texas Navy is a wonderful story that never has received the public attention and appreciation it deserves.

Brown said membership in the Texas Navy Association is open to all Texans of good character and reputation, who may obtain more information by visiting the Texas Navy Association website at http://www.texasnavy.com/.