Dangerous Crib Recall Have Parents Calling For Dangerous “Crib Bumper” Safety Alert

Mom of Baby who Died of SIDS says Traditional Crib Bumpers Unsafe


June 28, 2010– The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced the voluntary recall of more than 2 million cribs to address drop-side hazards and other hazards that affect the safety of young children.

While moms are praising that decision today, concerned moms are also sounding the alarm about traditional crib bumpers, which are responsible for more than 100 child deaths. Many moms consider traditional bumpers that fit inside a baby’s crib unsafe and are asking the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Attorneys’ General Offices across the country to consider alerting the public in an effort to save children’s lives.

Alison Rhodes, also known as the “Safety Mom” has grave concerns about the bumpers, “I lost my first child because of SIDS and I know the traditional bumper pads are a real danger. The soft, pillow-like bumper pads are a definite health risk. They are not needed and they are dangerous.”

The American Academy of Pediatrics discourages the use of
traditional bumper pads and even suggests that parents remove the
pillow-like cushions, which are supposed to act as safety devices.

Researchers found 27 accidental deaths of babies who suffocated on or under bumper pads or became entrapped from loose ties from 1985 to 2005, according to a study of product-safety data that was published in September 2007 in the Journal of Pediatrics. (These cases represent only the minimum number of deaths because the cases are voluntarily reported.)

Dr. Dave Geller, a Boston pediatrician says, “ traditional crib bumpers are unsafe. There have many alternatives now available that are much more effective and less dangerous.”

To see a national TV interview with the “Safety Mom” and other safety information click on the link below:

Due to the dangers of traditional crib bumpers, safer bedding alternatives are now on the market such as wonder bumpers.







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