iJango Making Waves as One of Austin’s Newest Tech Startup Companies; Launches “iJango 2.0” and Grows to 30,000 Users

Austin, Texas — Only 10 weeks into launching the company, iJango has grown to 30,000 users and is positioning its new web portal to become a top tier competitor by building relationships with industry leaders and releasing a new interface known as “iJango 2.0.”

“Our new ‘iJango 2.0’ interface focuses on a search based interface because all of the services we provide are rooted in search,” says Rayner Smith, iJango Network CEO. “We are evolving rapidly based on a combination of strategic planning and acting on customer feedback that is fueling the popularity of the web portal.”

iJango offers its free members the opportunity to earn cash back rewards on their shopping and online behavior. In the coming month, Community Directors will be able to sell ad space within their local search results. “This is an exciting advancement in our business model as it not only provides for an additional revenue stream for us and our Community Directors, but it also positions us for a long term growth strategy where we will be able to sell ad placement throughout our site,” says Smith.

iJango is also launching its own web browser, built off of the Firefox open source platform. This browser will be available towards the end of this year and will integrate with the portal to increase the ability to provide features and functionality not feasible within the confines of a portal alone. “We are becoming an online community that connects via a new social networking browser with cash back rewards for community members, and we are very excited about this positioning,” says Smith.

iJango has ramped up operations to a total staff of 28, and is moving downtown to 816 Congress this month with over 10,000 square feet, more than double the company’s current office space, to accommodate the growth.

For more information about iJango, visit http://www.ijango.biz