K9Cuisine.com Promises Free Premium Dog Food for President Obama’s New Dog at The White House

Paris, Illinois – President Barack Obama is known for being high tech, not wanting to give up his BlackBerry at the White House, and for being healthy, wanting a hypoallergenic dog for his daughters. The Obama’s have narrowed down their choice for the new First Dog and are looking in Washington-area shelters. Sasha and Malia will soon be the proud owners of either a Labradoodle or a Portuguese Water Dog. Anthony Holloway, owner of K9Cuisine.com, wants the First Family Dog to have premium dog food that is conveniently delivered to the White House doorstep.

K9Cuisine.com, an online pet store based in Paris, Illinois, offers pet food that has no gluten, soy, corn or wheat. “I want to reach out to my former Illinoisans’ future pooch by sending the best quality food so the Obama family dog can live a long, healthy life in the nation’s capital,” says Holloway. The K9Cuisine CEO says, “First we have to figure out how free shipping and delivery is handled at the secure White House, and then we hope the Obama’s will accept our offer of yummy food when they get their new dog.”
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